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The Who News November 2012

November 30

Chicago...it's a wonderful town!


Chicago Tribune


'I'm One' from last night's show:

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I had an email from a friend in the States, Horace Austin, who went to the show last night. I was surprised, nicely, by its content:

Hello Matt.

I'm at the Allstate Arena in Rosemont just outside of Chicago. The show just ended.

After 'Love Reign O'er Me', Rog said The Who played Quadrophenia in Chicago 39 years ago to the day. Pete responded, "Who told you that? Matt Kent?"

Earlier in the day, I tweeted your Naked Eye post on Chicago Who history.

Just thought you'd like to know.


Tommy memorabilia sold.

Earlier this month (Nov 13) I posted that one of the 'Iron Maiden' props from the Tommy film was going under the hammer at Christie's. The auction was yesterday and the lot fetched £2,250 ($3,600).

November 29

Pete appears the Rolling Stones 50th anniversary gig...

...well in spirit anyway! I was photographing the Rolling Stones gig at the o2 in London tonight when Pete appeared on video before the show singing the band's praises!

Pete Rolling Stones

The Who in Chicago

The Who tour rolls into Chicago tonight for the first of two shows at the Allstate Arena (tickets). By coincidence the band were also performing Quadrophenia in Chicago on November 29 1973, when they originally toured it. Then the band played at the International Amphitheatre. Back stage at that gig photographer Graham Hughes shot the album cover for the 'odds and Sods' album. When he showed the band a mock up of the sleeve they didn't like it so he ripped the photo (of the band wearing American football helmets) up in frustration. Pete then decided he liked it so Graham sellotaped the photo back together and Roger said 'call it a bunch of Odds and Sods'. UPDATE: Roger tells me that it was actually him that pasted the photo back together.

The who Goldhawk

It's hard to believe that just 10 years before that 1973 show, on November 29 1963, the band were playing at the Goldhawk Club in front of their core local Mod supporters. The gang at the Goldhawk were to become the inspiration behind the Quadrophenia legend. And here's something for all those original Mods - 'Cut My Hair' from Pittsburgh, November 11 2012.

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November 28

Who's Drummer?

With perfect timing, in light of the current tour, BBC Radio 4 presents a programme on Saturday December 1 which looks back at the Cow Palace show on November 20 1973 when Keith Moon collapsed. The show is a 30 minute look at how Scott Halpin became The Who's drummer for the night, when he stepped up from the audience to take the place of the ailing Moon. You can find more details on the BBC Radio 4 website.

Minneapolis review and photos

I could only find one review from last night's show in Minneapolis. It's on the Star Tribune.

If you're in Sydney...

...there's a new bar opening in Surry Hills tonight and it has an exhibition of photographs by Ross Halfin. As well as shooting The Who since the mid seventies Ross has shot every major band around and is constantly on tour with the likes of Metallica and Aerosmith. Ross will be there in person tonight and I believe the exhibition opens to the public on Friday.

Ross Halfin exhibition

The Who By Numbers

After the Minneapolis show last night a local band took to the stage at a local club to perform 'The Who By Numbers' in it's entierty. You can read an interview with them here and see why they decided to do it.

November 27

BBC tribute to Chris Stamp

The BBC has posted a tribute to Chris Stamp on their website.

November 26

Back in 1967

On November 15 1967 the band began another tour of the States in order to build on the success of their previous visit. 'I Can See For Miles' had been released and reached number 9 in the Billboard chart. On November 26 they played their second show at the Village Theatre (which would turn into the Fillmore East the following year) in New York City. Some silent 8mm footage was shot and here's a taste of it, slowed down with 'I Can See For Miles' dubbed on.

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Tommy - The Real Alternate Album

For those of you who follow Naked Eye regularly you'll remember that I wrote about this bootleg box set on November 15. Well finally I have one in my hands and very nice it is too. Complete with a 3D cover the set includes 5 coloured vinyl albums, 3 CDs and 1 DVD, as well as a small, pretty unnecessary, booklet. I can also report that the tracklisting does state 'Brain Opera' and not 'The Brian Opera' as listed on ebay! The DVD is of Tanglewood, complete with timecode...

Here's the tracklisting (if you can read it all).

Tommy bootleg

Rolling Stone tribute to Chris Stamp

There's a new tribute to Chris Stamp at the Rolling Stone website.

Detroit review

Here's another great review of the Detroit show from The Oakland Press.

November 25

Billboard tribute to Chris Stamp

Billboard have posted a lovely tribute to Chris Stamp who passed away yesterday morning. You can read it here. The Hollywood Reporter have also posted the same story.

Ira Robbins on The Who

Ira Robbins, who started Trouser Press back in the 70s (under the name Trans-Oceanic Trouser Press), has written a piece about his experience of seeing the Quadrophenia show in Brooklyn recently. The piece is the first review of the tour that I've seen that isn't glowing but, as it's written by Ira, who has been a champion of the band in the past, I think it's worth putting a link to. You can read it on the Trouser Press forum.


The band continued their tour last night with a show at the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit. This review states that they played 'The Seeker,' although I can't find any confirmation of that. If they did I'm sure it was as a tribute to Chris Stamp. There's a fan video of 5.15 from the show here (complete with audience singalong...but at least the band sound great!). The person who posted it though added a nice comment: 'This concert was life changing'. Update: Just had an email from Chris Goosman who was at the show to say that 'The Seeker' was not played. The email did conclude that the band 'was as good as I've ever seen them'.

The band have a few days off now and will pick the tour up again on Tuesday November 27 at The Target Center in Minneapolis.

November 24

Chris Stamp

Very sad news has reached me that Chris Stamp has passed away this morning. Chris has been ill for a while but it was still a shock when the news finally came. Chris was one of the nicest people you could hope to meet. Other people will write much more poetic words about Chris but to me he was a man who always had a smile, was always helpful and was always really nice. You could tell when Christmas was on the way when, without fail, a card from Chris, Calixte and Lola would arrive through the door. When we were working on the Anyway Anyhow book Chris was always available to help and graciously wrote one of the forewords for it. In the other foreword Roger Daltrey wrote "Kit Lambert and Chris Stamp were the fifth and sixth members of the Who: Kit, with his outrageous behaviour and ideas on how to manipulate the media, and Chris, the expert in cool, menace, and scams! Their contribution to the band should never be underestimated". This week also saw Chris's long time friend Mike Shaw pass away (see Nov 19).

Chris and partner Kit Lambert first saw The Who perform in July 1964 at the Railway Hotel and they saw a band with potential. They immediately went about getting the band out of its existing contract and managing them themselves. Their impact was immediate and their dedication to making the band a success is legendary. Chris passed away in New York City this morning at 3 am. His family has released the following obituary and photo.

Christopher Thomas Stamp was born on July 7th, 1942, in London, England. He had a keen intuitive mind and a shamanic spirit, he knew about the alchemy of transforming darkness into light and applied his visionary talents to all areas of his life. He was able to help artists, people and clients find their voice and follow the life path of heart and soul. He knew how to speak from his heart and love all unconditionally.

He worked from an early age and later became an English working class hero who transcended class limitations. He started working in the theater as a prop man thanks to the help of his older brother Terence Stamp.  Working on the original production of West Side Story in London changed his life. He knew he wanted to unify music, film and theater and explore “whatever it was that touched his soul”. He met Kit Lambert with whom he would discover the rock band THE WHO, manage them until 1974, created an independent record label TRACK RECORDS signing talents like Jimi Hendrix. He believed in the power of pure raw authentic creativity manifested through music and other means.

He was the executive producer of the Ken Russell movie "Tommy". He remained very close to Roger, Pete and Bill of The Who, “his heart family of universal creation”.

He had two beautiful daughters Rosie and Amie from a first marriage with Sally Burgess in England.

He moved to New York in 1976 where he met and married his wife Calixte in 1980. Both work as Psychotherapists and Healers. He lived in East Hampton, Long Island and New York City. He had private practices in both places. He cherished the “East End” of Long Island that was a sanctuary for him the past 23 years .

Chris was "reborn" to a higher conscious life in 1987 when he sought treatment for his addictions. He started a journey of transformation to a higher consciousness.Recovery was the platform for an ongoing growing spiritual life in which he dedicated himself to helping others live a conscious life.

He trained and used advance psychodramatic bodywork in the USA and England. He went to college for the first time in his fifties, graduated with degrees and licenses. He became a NY State Credentialed addiction counselor, a psychodramatist, a Certified Experiential Therapist, a NY State Licensed Mental Health Practitioner, a Reiki Master, a trauma specialist, in other words, a Healer. He also was a non-denominational ordained reverend in the order of “The Sanctuary of The Beloved”. He had a practice of Buddhist meditation and went on silent retreats yearly at IMS. He studied with Stanislas Grof in holotropic breathing.

He shared his gifts openly with spontaneity, wisdom and love. Some clients referred to him as "The Wizzard" and he was lovingly known as the Grey Wolf .He transcended this world on November 23rd, 2012, his wife Calixte, his daughters Rosie, Amie and his dog Lola by his side. His last two weeks were spent in the serene and sacred energy of the beautiful space at Mt Sinai Hospital where a flow of friends visited him. We will all remember his gifts, his wonderful story telling ability, sharing the spark of life, laughter, with his wise open hearted vision of things. We will celebrate Chris' life at a service in East Hampton  to be announced at a later date.

He is survived by his beloved wife and soul mate of 33 years, Calixte , his darling daughters Rosie and Amie, his wonderful sons-in-law Edmund and Nicholas, his adored brothers Terence, John, Richard, his sister Lynette, his sister-in-law Pat, his auntie Maude and uncle Barney. Also, his  much adored six grand-children Esmé, Betsy, Maggie, Evie, Tom and Gracie, his nieces Lillie and Khedija and his nephew George, He also leaves the big tribe of friends and healers who was his family of heart. Despite the knowing of eternal presence, he will be missed on Earth. Good-bye to you, our Darling Chris, our Healing Angel, our brave Shamanic Wolf Seeker, we love you eternally.

Donations to the Chris Stamp Memorial Fund to benefit the Wolf Mountain Sanctuary are what he wished http://www.wolfmountain.com/index.htm

Chris Stamp

November 22

Noel Gallagher to curate 2013 TCT shows.

TCT logoRoger has handed over the reign's to next years TCT concerts to Noel Gallagher. Roger told NME "I'm not doing it next year because I'm on tour and Noel Gallagher has kindly offered to step in. So he's putting the bill together. Obviously I'm in the background and I'm not going away. I'll put feelers out but he kindly offered and I accepted." He continued "I'm on the road all the way through to the beginning of March. So it really helped me out. Instead of being on the beach on my vacation in January on the bloody cellphone for eight hours a day, I can actually get some sleep."

He also spoke about the recent launch of the 'Who Cares' initiative in the States, "I've made a rod for my back because I've just started Teen Cancer America so we're basically shipping our model for how teenagers should be cared for in hospitals when they have cancer to the USA, we're trying to educate them in the same manner. I've just launched that and I think it's going to catch fire. because there's a huge lack of care there, they're not even recognised as a group."

Reviews from Ottawa

Ottawa Citizen

Ottawa Sun

Quadrophenia in the UK

Although no dates have been announced Pete has stated in his latest tour diary that the Quadrophenia tour will extend to March and April in the UK.

November 21

The Who in Canada

The 'Quadrophenia and More' tour reached Canada last night with a show at the Bell Center in Montreal. Unlike the 1973 Quadrophenia shows no-one ended up in jail! The 'more' section continued along the same lines as the past few shows. Here's a great review from the Montreal Gazette where they report that 'Tea and Theatre' was dedicated to Chris Stamp. Tonight the band roll into Ottawa with a show at Scotiabank Place before moving on to Toronto on Friday.

November 20

The Who for Sandy benefit?

121212 Sandy Benefit

Although there's been no official announcement from The Who camp (nor have I heard anything through the grapevine), it's been widely publicised that the band will be appearing at the Hurricane Sandy Benefit at Madison Square Garden on December 12.

Others set to appear include Roger Waters, Paul McCartney, Bruce Springsteen, Kanye West, Bon Jovi and a host of others. The concert is being put together by the same people that masterminded the 9/11 Concert for New York at the same venue. Ticket info will be released in the next few days and proceeds will go towards the Robin Hood Relief Fund. Although the official outlet for Who news hasn't announced it, it does tie in with what Pete said in his recent diary entry about doing something for the relief fund where he finished by saying 'watch this space'.

Those were the days...

...when hi-fi separates would cost more than a car! I was going through some old papers for the Quadrophenia exhibition and came across this advertisement. it made me smile so I thought I'd share it.

Keith Moon Sony

Naked Eye on ebay.

There's someone selling some back copies of the printed Naked Eye magazines on ebay at the moment. I know from emails that some people are interested in obtaining them so here's the link.

November 19

Sad news.

Some very sad news has just reached me. Long time Who family member Mike Shaw passed away on Saturday morning after a short illness. Mike was a very important member of The Who team and Pete writes about him fondly in his book 'Who I Am', where he says of Mike "He became the only person ever to pass through The Who camp that no one will ever say a bad word about". On October 15 1965 whilst driving for the band Mike suffered a car accident which would leave him wheelchair bound for the rest of his life. I was lucky enough to meet Mike quite a few times and he was always very nice and welcoming. If it wasn't for Mike and his meticulous diaries then our book 'Anyway Anyhow Anywhere' wouldn't have been anywhere near as accurate and informative as it is. Mike will be sadly missed by everyone who knew him and my thoughts go out to his family. I've asked Andy Neill to write a full obit for Mike:.


I’ve just heard the unexpected and very sad news that the Who’s original production manager and assistant Mike Shaw passed away on Saturday, 17 November.  He had been admitted to Tresliske Hospital, Truro, with a suspected chest infection but went downhill very quickly and died peacefully with his sister Vivien holding his hand.


Mike was a wonderful human being – not least from having the strength to overcome a horrible tragedy early in his life, going on to outlive many connected with The Who that left us too early. Originally from London’s east end where his childhood friends included future Who managers, Chris Stamp and Bill Curbishley, Mike developed an interest in the theatrical arts, becoming involved with lighting design. In the summer of 1964 he was working at the Bristol Hippodrome when Stamp rang him and invited him to come back to London to help in a new venture he and his business partner Kit Lambert had just become involved with.  The venture was managing an unknown London group called The High Numbers.


The fact that Chris and Kit had no experience in such matters didn’t faze Mike one jot and it was this unquestioning attitude in the face of such inspired madness that would continue to hold him in good stead over the years he worked for The Who. As ‘creative director’, a role which involved being the band’s first proper roadie and a pioneering lighting man (in the days when bands still played cinemas with one spotlight) Mike was an integral part of Commercial Entertainments  – the company Kit and Chris formed which soon changed its name to New Action Ltd.


Mike was a constant presence throughout that crucial first year of the Who’s existence; a welcome and guiding hand, driving the band and their gear to gigs all over Britain, his happy, warm and handsome presence ensuring he was not short of female admirers. He made a particular bond with Roger who appreciated his unflappable temperament within the volatility that surrounded the Who in those pilled-up early Mod years.


Sadly tragedy struck on October 15, 1965 when returning from a Merseybeats gig at the Cavern in Liverpool with the Who’s lighting gear, an exhausted Mike drove into the back of an articulated lorry near Newport Pagnell. Having nearly died from his injuries, the accident left him a paraplegic and both band and management were left devastated. Mike faced a long uphill battle of convalescence at his family’s home in Cornwall. To help keep his mind occupied, Chris and Kit asked Mike to come back to London in 1967 to oversee their new venture Track Records.


For the next decade Mike was an important part of all things Track, whether it was compiling the Backtrack reissue series or acting as a go between with band and management. For those who were there, Mike was a familiar reliable figure amid the day-to-day chaos that eventually engulfed Track in the late 70s. Moving over to work for his old friend Bill Curbishley’s Trinifold management company, Mike remained there until The Who announced their first retirement in 1983. Such was the esteem in which he was held, and as repayment for all those years of loyalty and service, both band and management provided a house offering wonderful views of Carlyon Bay in St Austell, Cornwall where Mike lived for the remainder of his life.


It was here that I travelled on numerous occasions to interview Mike for the book, Anyway Anyhow Anywhere: The Complete Chronicle Of The Who which was co-written with Matt. It soon became apparent that Mike possessed a crystal clear memory, and was able to draw on invaluable diaries and notebooks, all of which made the book a much greater and accurate record of that halcyon period. But the visits soon went beyond being simply research trips, and Mike (along with another lost and lamented Who associate and Cornwall resident, Tony Haslam) became a dear friend.


It was always a pleasure to see Mike at Who related events, not least the first Who Convention that Matt and I helped to organize in 1995. The small venue, The Bottom Line in Shepherd’s Bush, was packed but Mike was still able to manoeuvre around and make his warm presence felt in a place that was packed wall-to-wall solid.


So Mike, what will happen now when I need to make that “do you remember if Pete was playing a 6-string or 12-string Rickenbacker at a gig in Grantham nearly 50 years ago?” type phone call?! Not only did Mike suffer such unusual enquiries with good grace and enthusiasm but invariably offered even further clues in helping to assemble a rather confused jigsaw puzzle that the intervening years have pulled apart.


I will miss him as will all of the people connected with the Who whose lives he touched.


Goodnight, mate.



Another great Boston review

This time in the Boston Globe. Here's another from Boston University's Daily Free Press, which mentions Pete singing 'My Generation'. Any confirmation of that appreciated. There's also an interesting piece on Forbes about the Brooklyn show.

Pete to appear on the Letterman Show

Letterman logo
Pete Townshend is appearing on tonight's 'Late Show with David Letterman' alongside fellow guests Jessica Biel and Phillip Phillips. CBS usually put their videos up pretty quickly so it should be viewable on the internet at the CBS Letterman site soon.


Review of 'Live at Hull'

This November quite a few pieces of Who material are being released, one of which is 'Live At Hull 1970'. Here's an online review of the piece.


November 18

Pete and Roger on Fox News

Pete and Roger have been interviewed on Fox News in the states talking about the 'Who Cares' initiative. You can watch the video here.

Boston review

Good review from the Boston Herald of the show on November 16.

November 17

The Roundhouse 68

Earlier on in the month I posted about the 1968 'package tour' with The Small The Who Roundhouse 1968Faces, Arthur Brown, Joe Cocker and Yes (amongst others). In the middle of the dates the tour hit London, with two shows at the Roundhouse on November 15 and 16. It was at these shows that The Small Faces joined the bill. The show's were part of the Middle Earth series of concerts and unlike the previous shows (and the ones to follow) had no timing restrictions and all the acts could perform their full sets. The running time was scheduled to be from 10.30 pm - 6.00 am and The Who were scheduled to appear between 2.45 - 4.00 am! My friend Dermot has sent me his memories of the show:

I said recently that the Maidstone shows on the 1967 tour were the last time I would see The Who in that type of show and that 1968 would be a transitional year, which indeed it was. The late 1968 tour was a package tour again, although a fairly short one and it didn't have a line up designed to appeal to a wide range of people. I went to the Roundhouse, which was significant to me in that (1) I'd never heard of it prior to seeing the show advertised and (2) it was the first time I'd been allowed to stay out all night!

The Who Roundhouse 68 adBeing an all-nighter it wasn't a package type show, but a concert featuring a number of bands able to play their full sets. Great concert it was too, with The Small Faces, better than they'd ever been and falling apart all at the same time, and the original Yes line, who were poppy, punchy and with clever arrangements standing out. Standing out apart from The Who of course! I'd seen Roger's transition over the year, but he looked very different from a year previously. The long curls were well on their way, but I can't remember if he was wearing the fringed jacket that night. A lot of bands at the time featured at least one number with an elongated/improvised instrumental section and for The Who that was, surprisingly, Relax. This was also the first time that I saw them with the stage lit in white light, which was really striking. Yes had to follow The Who on stage at 6.00 a.m. I wouldn't wish that on anybody!

As always thanks to Dermot for this.

Brooklyn set list

Here's the setlist from last night's Brooklyn show. As per the previous few shows the 'more' element of the setlist seems to have been established. Unless there's any significant changes to this part at forthcoming shows then I won't report it and it can be taken as read that the encore remains unchanged.

Who Are You
Behind Blue Eyes
Pinball Wizard
Baba O'Riley
Won't Get Fooled Again
Tea & Theatre

November 16

Quadrophenia on ice...

Not really but hopefully it grabbed your attention. Just putting out a last call for items of Quadrophenia memorabilia to go in the Grammy Museum exhibition (see box right). I'm hoping to finalise putting the list together this weekend and so if you have any paper pieces - posters, handbills, tickets, anything considered and you're OK loaning them then please let me know. Pass it on...

November 15

And Brian doesn't know what day it is...

Last month (Oct 26) I posted about the Who's Next bootleg box 'The Real Alternate Album'. Last night I received an email link from Rich in the US leadingTommy Box set bootleg me to an ebay page where now on sale is 'Tommy - The Real Alternate Album'!

Again it consists of five coloured vinyl albums, 4 CDs and 1 DVD and is limited to 400 only. The funny thing about the listing on ebay is that instead of calling the first two albums 'Brain Opera - Pete Townshend's demos' they refer to it as Brian Opera! I wonder if it would have worked as well if it was just called 'Brian'?

Anyway, here's what the box contains:


The 3CDs include the same material. except side 4. The DVD: Live at Tanglewood July 7 1970 - The complete show.

If you fancy bidding on it and being the proud owner of Brian - The Rock Opera, here's the link

Brooklyn set list

The 'more' section definitely seems to have settled down now and the songs played were the same (although WGFA and Baba have been reported in a different order) as the previous night's show.

November 14

A fan's review of Washington.

Here's a review of last night's show from Pat (a lonmg time Who fan), who went with her sister Anita, a first timer to The Who live.(Thanks very much for sending):

Hi all,

THE WHO concert last night was absolutely brilliant!!!
Anita enjoyed it thoroughly.
I, of course, am now ready for another one immediately.

The audience was made up of 99% dedicated Who fans who knew
Quadrophenia backwards and forwards. We were on our feet as soon as the band hit the stage. And none of this going in and out of the Arena to get food and drink in the middle of their set.
Everyone was focused on the stage the whole time.

The Who did the Quadrophenia set straight through without talking, which I expected from when you saw them do it. They are all in top condition. It really is AMAZING, especially for Pete and Roger.

Something that might be new: They spliced in footage of John on base at one particular point, and Keith singing "Bell Boy" which Roger and Pete sang the harmonies to right along with the filmed and recorded bit with Keith. It was pretty much seamless. Only one error I caught--Roger started"The Punk Meets the Godfather" in the middle of the song. But everyone else caught on and followed him. Roger also had to leave the stage after that song
for a while (my theory--he was dehydrated and needed to lubricate his voice) and the rest of them jammed until he could make it back. Anita didn't even notice that he had left, but she noticed lots of other details I missed. Our seats were not as close to the stage as I had thought. Oh well.

After Quadrophenia they played:

Who Are You
Behind Blue Eyes
Pinball Wizard
Won't Get Fooled Again
Baba O'Riley
Tea and Theatre

The show as filmed and recorded so hopefully it will be available on CD.

The Washington Post doesn't have a review of the concert yet, but I don't hold out any hope that it will be good or accurate. They have never done a decent review of The Who since they first came here in 1967!

I'll have to keep up with Naked Eye--maybe later today. Didn't sleep much. So I will probably take a nap first.

UPDATE FROM PAT: Sorry, Roger didn't walk off the stage until right before the end of Quadrophenia, and then came back to finish it off and the rest of the show.

November 13

New Pete interviews

Pete Townshend GQ and MOJO

There are a couple of new interviews with Pete this month in MOJO and GQ magazines. In both Pete talks about his recent book 'Who I Am'. GQ online have also republished an interview they did with Pete back in 2007. Some very strange questions it has to be said! You can read that on the GQ website. There's a great quote from Pete in the MOJO article - "The serious Who fans have a chunk of 'fucked-up' that's equal to my own" as well as a nice story from actor Alec Baldwin that finishes professing that The Who is "the greatest live act of them all". I also have a couple of Beach Boys photos in the same edition.


If you read last months news articles you'll know that tonight will be the thirty ninth anniversary of me seeing Quadrophenia at the Lyceum in London on the original tour. As the band roll into DC tonight I also remember staying in Washington in August 1997 and going to see the band perform Quadrophenia in nearby Bristow. I went with my friends Ross and Harry (flanking me in the photo backstage at the venue below). A great show and I remember retreating afterwards to an oyster bar in Georgetown with Bill Curbishley, where we seemed to consume platter after platter of oysters - the first time I had ever eaten them!

Matt Ross Harry 1997

I also remember me and Ross having a bit of a run in with Henry Kissinger's security men at the Four Season's in the city and (literally) walking into Stevie Wonder as he came out of a lift at the same hotel and just feeling in awe of the man. There's a nice piece in the Washington Examiner looking forward to tonight's show.

Anyone fancy an Iron Maiden?

If so get down to Christie's auction house on November 29 when the iron maiden machine used during the Acid Queen sequence in the 1975 Tommy movie will be auctioned off. Estimates are £2,000 - £3,000.

Tommy Iron Maiden

November 12

Pittsburgh set list

The 'more' setlist seems to be settling down now and for last night's show it was:

Who Are You
Behind Blue Eyes
Pinball Wizard
Baba O'Riley
Won't Get Fooled Again
Tea & Theatre

Next show is on November 13 at the Verizon Center in Washington DC.

Are you going to the party?

The Who Boston Tea Party

On this day (and on November 11) in 1969 the band stopped off in Boston during their second US 'Tommy' tour to play at the annual Boston Tea Party concert. Many variations of the bootleg from the Nov 11th show have appeared over the years.

Four years later the band would be performing the second of a three night run at London's Lyceum Theatre as part of the initial Quadrophenia tour.

November 11


The Who continues with the Quadrophenia tour tonight at the Consol Energy Center in Pittsburgh. Now over a week into the tour more and more videos are appearing on youtube. This one shows Keith performing 'Bell Boy' at the Amway Center in Orlando on November 3. Keith and Zak sharing the same stage, what a mouthwatering thought! Thanks to all the video posters.

November 10

I Saw Yer...

November is a busy month with regards to recording and touring in Who history, especially in the 60s. On November 10 1965 the band was in the studio recording tracks for their debut album 'My Generation'. On this date they were known to record 'The Goods Gone', 'La La La Lies', 'It's Not True' and 'Much Too Much'. A year later they were back in the studio again laying down another version of 'Happy Jack' (the clip below was filmed on December 19 1966 at the band's management's office in London)

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On this date in 1967 the band were still on the road as part of the Who / Traffic / Herd / Tremeloes tour, playing two shows at the Adelphi Cinema in Slough and in 68 were doing a further two shows at the Colston Hall in Bristol on the Who / Joe Cocker / Arthur Brown package tour (see yesterday's news item). The following year, in 1969, they were nearing the end of their second US 'Tommy' tour and were appearing at The Palace Theatre in Albany, NY.

Greensboro Coliseum setlist

The 'more' part of the show last night was:

Baba O'Riley
Pinball Wizard
Behind Blue Eyes
Who Are You
Won't Get Fooled Again

Tea and Theatre

November 9

Bi-Lo Center setlist

The Quadrophenia section of the show (see Nov 1) last night was appended by the following:

Baba O'Riley
Pinball Wizard
Behind Blue Eyes
Who Are You
Won't Get Fooled Again
Tea & Theatre

There are some photos from the show here. Tonight sees the first back to back show of the tour when the band pop over to neighbouring North Carolina.

Back once more in 67

At the end of last month I wrote about the opening of the 1967 UK package tour. I received this from regular correspondent Dermot regarding the shows at the Granada Theatre in Maidstone which took place on Nov 9 1967:

"Together, with the excitement of seeing The Who again, the big thought in my mind was, would Keith be using his new kit. There had been articles in the music press lately and a big feature in Beat Instrumental (I think!) about the custom made kit. I refer, of course, to what a lot of people call the "Pictures of Lily kit" but what Keith called "the engine"! So, sat through the first house. The Herd, Marmalade (both of which I'd forgotten were on until the programme cover featured on Naked Eye last week), Traffic, who tried to cover Dave Mason's embarrassment by turning the lights off while he said "I climbed on the back of a giant albatross etc." and The Tremeloes. Then it was The Who and what a disappointment. Nothing wrong with the performance, but Keith was playing The Tremeloes kit! Admittedly this had it's funny side, as it looked so tiny and struggled to stay in one piece under Keith's onslaught! On to the second house and as the curtains (remember them!) drew back, there was Keith sat behind the mighty engine which took my breath away, looking almost fluorescent as the lights hit it. This was a long time ago, so what they played is a little sketchy now. My Way (the Eddie Cochran song, not the other one!) keeps coming into my mind.I know they played A Quick One and I'm sure they played Rael and Tattoo from the still to be released Sell Out. I'd never heard anything like Rael before and couldn't wait for the album now. What I didn't know was, of course, that a segment of Rael would be borrowed for a soon to be started project and, together with Tattoo would become very familiar in Who sets for a few years to come! What I also didn't realize at the time was, this would be the last time I'd see The Who in a show like this. The world was moving on and the next year would be a transitional one for The Who, as the hits dried up, they returned to The Marquee and also started preparing for the next phase. But that's another story.....

Footnote: I last saw the engine with Wiggy Wolfe's hologram of Keith behind it, at The Who exhibition at the ICA in 1978.

It's known that 'Rael' was played at some of the Scottish shows in early October but there's no record of it being played during the package tour so as well as good memories from Dermot it's also new info. Thanks for taking the time to write this and share it. Here's a glimpse of what the 1967 show might have looked like - 'Substitute' and 'My Generation' from the Jaahallissa in Helsinki on April 30 that year (with John sporting a snazzy false moustache!).

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A year after, almost to the day (but not quite, it was Nov 8 1968) The Who embarked on yet another packaged jaunt around Britain, this time support was provided by various artists that changed venue to venue including :Arthur Brown, Joe Cocker, Yes, The Small Faces, Free, The Mindbenders and the Alan Bown!. Nine dates in all with two shows a night (The Who's set lasting, on paper anyway, 35 minutes) the tour kicked of at the Granada Cinema in Walthamstow, London. At the second date, on this day in 68, they played at the Aldelphi Cinema in equally desirable Slough. The final show of the tour, at the Empire Theatre in Liverpool on Nov 20 is memorable for the fact that the show ran so far behind schedule that The Who and The Small Faces shared the same stage, with Keith and Kenny Jones sharing the same kit!

The Who 1968 tour

November 8

No goldfish were harmed in making this clip...

On November 8 1974 Keith, alongside Ringo Starr, hosted ABC's 'Wide World In Concert' TV special. During the show Keith, resplendent in cat whisker make up, performs a five and a half minute drum solo, which is not something you see everyday from Keith. As an additional piece of kit to his usual set up he also had a floor tom in which live goldfish were swimming! Some funky dancing from the audience which looks bizarre (Sorry, but I could never get into drum solos).

At the end of the solo Keith sits to do a Q&A with the audience and when asked what would happen to the fish he replied "even the best drummers get hungry"

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Bi-Lo Center show

The Quadrophenia tour rolls into Greenville, SC today for a show at the Bi-Lo Center. The Who's first ever show in South Carolina. Good tickets are still available (I just saw some 4th row ones on ticketmaster) if you fancy going along. Tickets can be purchased via the Bi-Lo website. Here's a nice piece looking forward to the Greensboro Coliseum show on Friday whilst looking back at the band's show there in 1975 (the photo is credited to Matt Kent but it isn't one of mine).

November 7

Pete Townshend signed copy of 'The Who Live'

Just noticed that a signed copy of the Genesis book 'The Who Live' compiled by my friend Ross Halfin is on sale on ebay. The book alone is rare now and it had a limited print run when it was first released. The copy is signed by both Ross and Pete Townshend, so quite rare I think. A buy it now price of £750. Visit Ebay to view or buy.

Nov 3 Amway Center show

On bootleg already!

The Who Amway boot

New review from Atlanta

Good new review and photographs from the Atlanta show.

Footage from Orlando

Here's some nice youtube fan footage from the second show of the tour in Orlando.

For no reason at all...

...other than to put a smile on your face. A bit of Keith Moon recorded on April 19 1973.

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November 6

Duluth setlist

The encore section for last night's show was:

Baba O'Riley
The Kid's Are Alright
Behind Blue Eyes
Who Are You
Won't Get Fooled Again
Tea & Theatre

There's a good review of the show here and another from the Gwinnett Daily Post and some nice photos on Zimbio. Next stop on the tour is in two days at the Bi-Lo Center in Greenville.

The Rainbow revisited

Following on from yesterday's item about the Rainbow I received an email from a regular Naked Eye reader, Dermot, that I thought I'd share:

Ah, the Rainbow. It was THE venue for a while. Linda, Lorraine and I slept on the pavement in the cold, the night before the tickets came on sale. Once you got through the main doors, all the ticket windows were open and after buying at different windows, we did a bit of dodging about to buy at other windows, rather than leaving as you were supposed to do. There was a limit on how many tickets you could buy, but we had no thought of not going to all three shows! Pete was initially less than enthralled with the venue saying "we'd better make the most of it 'cos it's all we've got. Now let's get some sweat in these seats!" They were in blistering top form for all three shows and I caught the tambourine Pete threw after the intro to Baba O'Riley on one night. I also met my friend Pat, who was on a 6 month school/college trip to London, from Arlington, Virginia and also had tickets for all three nights. She says she only applied for the trip in the hope of seeing The Who in London! She's still a family friend and still comes to visit. She's going to next week's Quadrophenia in D.C.!

November 5

Quadrophenia scoots into Duluth

The Who Duluth 2012The Who take Quadrophenia to The Arena at the Gwinnett Center in Duluth tonight. It's understood that some tickets are still available if you fancy a last minute trip to see the band playing their 1973 classic. Here's another review from the first night that I haven't posted previously: Broward Palm Beach News.





The Rainbow

The Rainbow The Who 1971

In 1971 The Who opened the Rainbow Theatre in London on November 4. The band played there over three consecutive nights. Tickets sold out in record time and 4000 fans packed into the theatre each night, even though the official capacity was 3500! The venue had previously been known as the Astoria Cinema and in the 60s played host to many of the top names, including The Who, who played there on February 4 1966. The Rainbow was probably my most favourite venue in London. Although over the other side of town and often a pig to get to it was very atmospheric and I don't think I ever saw a poor show there. The rebirth of the venue was the brainchild of an American, John Morris, who had met with The Who whilst working at the Fillmore East and at Woodstock. As well as John, the Fillmore East was also represented by Joe's Light Show, the resident Fillmore lighting crew, who provided the slick projections.

The Who took to the stage behind a chorus of French can-can girls, with Pete dressedThe Who rainbow 1971 in a silver lame boiler suit with the Rainbow logo emblazoned on the back. At the end of the first show the band returned and did a can-can dance with the girls. The Who chose the venue in 1979 to make their return with Kenny Jones when they played their first public gig after the death of Keith Moon.

Sadly the Rainbow closed as a music venue in 1982 and it is much missed in an era when medium sized music venues are few and far between. It now operates as a church.

November 4

Amway Center set list

The set list for last night's show contained the full Quadrophenia set, as will be constant at all shows (see item dated Nov 1 for that) and the encore was:

Baba O'Riley
The Kids Are Alright
Anyway Anyhow Anywhere
Behind Blue Eyes
Who Are You
Won't Get Fooled Again
Tea & Theatre

The show went without any apparent hitches. There's a good review of the show at the Orlando Sentinel.

Observer review of 'Who I Am'

The Observer newspaper reviews Pete's book today. Read the review here.

Interview with Simon

Here's a new interview with Simon on Ultimate Classic Rock, which also uses one of my photos.

November 3

Fan video of the opening night

Some video from the audience of the band's opening night show has emerged on youtube (below). There's also a review of the show from the Boca Raton magazine

Some more photos from Florida

Some decent photos and more comment on the first show on contact music. The tour continues tonight in Orlando at the Amway Center. To get you in the mood here's some classic Quadrophenia from 1973. 'Dr Jimmy' recorded at The Spectrum in Philadelphia on December 4 1973.

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1965 was the year The Who hit the big time in the UK. Their first three singles 'I Can't Explain', 'Anyway Anyhow Anywhere' and 'My Generation' were released between January and November and their debut album 'My Generation' was released at the The Locarno Stevenagebeginning of December. In that year they played over 240 shows, which is quite astonishing and cemented themselves as TV favourites. Despite some serious internal wranglings within the band it was, overall, a good year. On November 3 1965 the band played to yet another Mod stronghold, the Locarno in Stevenage (left), about 30 miles to the north of London. The band played the venue six times in total between July 1965 and May 1967 and built up quite a following in the town.

For the show forty seven years ago the likely set list would have included:

Land of a Thousand Dances
Daddy Rolling Stone
Jump Back
I Can't Explain
Dancing in The Street
Bald Headed Woman
Baby Don't You Do It
Anyway Anyhow Anywhere
Please, Please, Please
Love Hurts
I Don't Mind
Just You and Me, Darling
A Man With Money
My Generation

As you can see most of the band's set during this period was made up of cover versions with only three Who originals. That would begin to change the following year.

November 2

ABC reports Pete leaving the stage due to volume

ABC Action News has reported that Pete walked off stage during 'You Better You Bet', part of the band's encore last night, due to it being too loud. You can read the full story here.

Florida set list

The band kicked off their Quadrophenia and more tour last night at the BB&T Center in Sunrise, Florida. There are some photos from the show on WireImage . Here's the set list from the show:

I Am The Sea
The Real Me
Cut My Hair
The Punk and the Godfather
I'm One
The Dirty Jobs
Helpless Dancer
Is It In My Head?
I've Had Enough
Sea and Sand
Bell Boy
Doctor Jimmy
The Rock
Love Reign O'er Me

For the encore they played:

Pinball Wizard
Behind Blue Eyes
Who Are You
You Better You Bet
Baba O'Riley

Next stop Orlando on Saturday.

2013 Teenage Cancer Trust dates set

The 2013 series of concerts in aid of the TCT have been set for March 18-26. No acts have been announced and it's unlikely that they will until the new year.

November 1

Roger and Pete talk about Quadrophenia

Roger and Pete have a syndicated press piece out about the tour which kicks off tonight. Here's how KSHE95 are reporting it:

"The long wait is over for Who fans as the band hits the road tonight (November 1st) in Sunrise, Florida, kicking off its first tour in four years. The 37-date trek, dubbed Quadrophenia & More Tour, will see the bad perform its 1973 rock opera in its entirety -- along with a bonus encore featuring a handful of classic hits. The Who last performed Quadrophenia as a piece in 1996 and 1997 and this tour marks the first time that surviving members Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey will perform the legendary double album without the late John Entwistle, who died in 2002. According to our sources, both Entwistle and the late Keith Moon will be featured "performing" alongside the band via archival video footage.

Roger Daltrey says that the time was finally right to update and revisit Quadrophenia: "It's been four years since we were on the road. And the last time we were out we were doing literally everything -- almost everything else, a taste of -- except bits from Quadrophenia. And the last time we did this as a piece was about 16 years ago. So there's not gonna be many more times (laughs) that we're gonna get to revisit this!"

Although Quadrophenia is largely seen as Pete Townshend's baby -- when it comes to the live performances, Townshend told us that it's pretty much all down to Roger Daltrey: "To some extent the Quadrophenia concert version that we do is very much his show. Y'know, I'm a sideman, I sing a couple of songs and I play a bit of guitar, but y'know, he's onstage for the whole thing. He has to carry it, he has to tell the story, he has to integrate with the story on screen. He wrote that story that's on screen -- or he modified my story. So, it's important he should feel right about it and I think he's gotten to a place where he feels confident."

Quadrophenia tour to kick off

Quadrophenia Fallout ShelterAs you all know The Who kick off their Quadrophenia tour tonight in Florida. I'm sure The Who's official site will bring photos and reports from that.

Over the past week I've been looking back at some Quadrophenia archival news and I'm glad that's brought back some memories for some of you. One of the things I enjoy about running this site is the emails I get from Who fans sharing their experiences and relating to material I post. I received this one yesterday from Patrick Kilgallon, on the subject of Quadrophenia and The Who's shows in Newcastle. Patrick has kindly allowed me post it here:

Hope you don't mind me dropping you another line but I couldn't resist given the subject matter of your recent news items. You see my first Who concert was in my home town of Newcastle and yes it was in 1973. I had the promise of a ticket for the 1971 show at the Newcastle Odeon but it never came off. I was obsessed about getting to at least one of the 73 Quad shows at Newcastle Odeon and in typical Geordie fashion sent my sister and her mate to queue for tickets. She was there for 8 hours - the queue was massive and was front page news in the local press. Incidentally she has gone to queue for every Who show in Newcastle ever since just for the hell of it (stuff ticketmaster) and I've never been to a Who gig without her including Hammersmith 75, Charlton 76, Birmingham 89 and the O2 a couple of years back. We got tickets for the 2nd night and needless to say were a bit anxious that the show might not go ahead in view of what happened on the first night as it was all over the local press, radio and tv. But it did go ahead and it was rivetting seeing the band for the first time - Quadrophenia had the same impact on us as it did on you. I remember Pete apologising from the stage to the usherettes for the language the previous night. I guess the show was probably a bit restrained, though it didnt feel anything short of gobsmacking to me a 17 year old novice at the time. Your recent posts about the 73 tour have brought back lots of very happy memories. I am trying to track down my scrap book from the time as it had some of the music paper reviews from the tour and other bits and pieces, if I can find it I'll send it through to you.

Thanks for that Patrick. If anyone else wants to share some who related memories I'd be happy to post them.

Meanwhile elsewhere in Who history.

On November 1 1963 The band were performing as The Detours at a venue not a half a mile away from where I'm sitting at the moment, The Glenlyn Ballroom in Forest Hill, London. The Glenlyn still exists but has changed its name many times over the years and is now known as a 'function house', somewhere people have parties and large dinners. I visited it recently with Andy Neill and we were both allowed in. Quite a strange sensation trying to imagine the band performing there. Francis Rossi from Status Quo remembers seeing both The Who (detours) and The Rolling Stones play there, both to quite small audiences at times. It was a South London Mod stronghold and one of those places you just walk on by without raising an eyelid and certainly without realising the rich musical history of the venue. Seems apt that the band will perform their homage to that era tonight and I hope they remember the Glenlyn and those fans that went along. I'd love to hear from anyone who saw the band perform there.

Quadrophenia exhibition

I've been asked by the Grammy Museum and The Who's management if I'd be interested in organising an exhibition devoted to The Who's Quadrophenia. The exhibition is planned to tie in with the band's show in Los Angeles at the end of January 2013 and to run through the summer until the end of August. I am now looking for any rare items you may have that you'd be happy to see in the exhibition. If you have anything you think is interesting (and would be willing to loan for 9 months - all insured etc) please let me know. You can contact me at matt@nakedeye-online.com. Read more